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The MetroLink Central Maintenance Facility locomotive noise pollution in our community is a constant daily nuisance, especially for those who reside in the Elysian Valley where houses face the L.A. River bike path and other nearby residences to the east in Cypress Park. The streets in Frogtown include Glover Pl., Riverdale Ave,, Meadowvale Ave., Shoredale Ave., Harwood St., Gatewood Ave., Fernleaf St., Elmgrove, Duvall St. and Oros St.  People affected in this area include many elderly persons, parents with infants and children and other citizens that use the L.A. River bike path recreationally. 

The city of Los Angeles with the help of 

Antonio Villaraigosa

Senator Jack Scott, Councilmember Eric Garetti, Tom LaBonge and others have made a great effort over the years in turning this most scenic area of the L.A. River into a green space environment

The pedestrian traffic has increased dramatically since the opening of the bike path on

 December 4, 2010. Our neighborhood's residents and visitors are forced to endure loud engine noise seven days a week, so loud that regular conversation amongst one another cannot be had at many times along the neighborhood boarder in Frogtown.  The decibel readings can be up to 80 decibels! Residents have been found to keep clear of the area due to the noise and it's been observed that water fowl, 

in particular, 

the Canadian Geese take flight when the locomotives rev up their engines.

Many residents in the area complain that the locomotive noise keeps them up at night, usually around 2:00- 4:00 and they can't ever get a proper night's sleep and for some making it dangerous for long freeway commutes during the day and endangering others that work with heavy machinery. Others have commented that they can't keep their windows open on hot nights for cross ventilation because of the loud engine noise and fumes. Many area residents don't have the insulation or double pane windows that could shield them from this ongoing noise. When the train are not idling, which is seldom, its an amazing difference in the quality of life a HUGH break for the residents. The only daylight hours with little noise is between 5:30 am until 7:00 am, and again from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm however  this is NOT always the case. On weekends you can expect half the daylight and night hours with idling noise. Often the locomotives will idle all night on weekends.

BelowA single Metrolink locomotive idling while being serviced on a Sunday afternoon. 

The view is from a Elysian Valley neighborhood along the Los Angles River Bike Trail less than 400 feet from this single locomotive. On weekends the locomotives will often idle unattended all night and most of the weekend leaving our neighborhood with constant noise pollution. Why ?

These two clips are examples of the sound inundating our neighborhood but not at its loudest which is more common on weekday mornings. Seen here are daily bikers, walkers, parents with children having to endure neighborhood Metrolink noise pollution. 

Full screen option on YouTube.


YouTube Video

Below: This footage  was taken of a reliable sound level meter taken at 4:30 am on a Saturday morning, August 13th from a Frogtown resident's backyard. The decibel reading is 75+. Locomotive sound noise is often read above 75. This is an example of how loud it can be in the early morning hours.

Full screen option on YouTube.

YouTube Video

Below: Normal noise volume on weekdays from 7:00 to 5:30 weekdays.
70 to 80+ decibels
Full screen option on YouTube.

YouTube Video

Below: Los Angeles Metrolink Central Maintenance Facility testing their locomotive horns near neighborhood at 7:10 am on a Friday Sept 2nd 2011 waking anyone who may have been trying to sleep. This went on for approx. 4-5 minutes. Very loud 

Full screen option on YouTube.

YouTube Video

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This photo was taken of a reliable sound level meter taken at 4:30 am on a Saturday morning, August 13th from a Elysian Valley resident's backyard.  The decibel reading is 75+.  Locomotive sound noise is often read above 75. 

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